Improve your home and work experience with our converged electrical and electronic solutions

Data Networks

From the Internet Service Provider demarcation point, we take it from there and help you establish an internal network that meets your home and office needs.

Power Networks

From the source to the end device, we are here ensure that your household equipment and users connect safely, effectively and your power resources efficiently employed.

Web & Graphic Designing

With brilliant ideas in your mind but no means to express them to as wide and dynamic an audience, we are here to help you translate your ideas into digital communications.

Knowledge Society

As the world becomes increasingly electronically managed from governance, business and industry to the homestead, conscious or not people have become conditioned to find CODE in all things. We daily experience the network of people, data, processes and things. Chambatronics Plug and Play networking solutions offer the opportunity for less frustration, secure, reliable and efficient goods and services. 

Our Principles

Finding CODE in all Things

It is the way we think, our worldview. There is a discernible set of instructions, CODE, underlying and responsible for the regularity that governs reality. Our job is to discover such CODE.

Plug and Play

Efficiency and convenience is at the core of twenty first century life. Everything ought to be as simple as selecting an App or Device of your choice and get on with your task, no hustle.

The Internet of Things

We are on a huge network, the grid, the internet, the matrix and electronics, bot software and hardware connects us all. People, data, processes and things are all on one ecosystem competing for space and resources.


It is important nowadays to weave together all the electronic and electrical services at your home or office. Failure of one system can affect the other systems. With our approach to converge power, data and software solutions, you can be guaranteed that no compatibility issues surface and troubleshooting time for faults is shortest possible.