Our History

A Family and Company, the team that has been around to see us grow.

Chambatronics was born out of common human needs, the problems and works of average Zimbabwean citizens. As the Zimbabwean economic crisis deepened culminating in the recession of 2008, then college student, we had to seek out means of earning a living while continuing studies.  With a couple of cameras and a Pentium 3 desktop computer, Chambatronics was born. Our services were limited to photo-shoots, video-shoots and editing. These were mostly part time, carried out during weekends and evenings. Free slots between lectures also fitted into the work hours as students demanded our services. After school on our way home,we would then print photos and deliver the next morning, quite an impressive service delivery to our clients (that was before instant photography had come along).

The passing on of one of ours, Mike, on the 24th of January 2009 cast a dark sell on our vision. We scattered in search of meaning. Privitad (Pvt) Ltd, a  was the only surviving offshoot from our work, offering the same services under the watch of Adam and Tendai. 

September 2019 saw the rebirth of Chambatronics, registered as a private limited companies. A broader range of services took root under three arms, Data Networking, Power Networking, and Graphic and Web-Designing.  The tagline, “Finding CODE in all Things” expresses the depth of thought and understanding of the connectedness of all things, the problems and their solutions. The Data Networks solution responds to ours and your own need for access to information for various needs that include business and entertainment. Power Networks arise from the need to support the Data Networks by a solid, consistent and reliable power source. In spite of all the complexity involved with ICT, electronics and electrical stuff, graphical presentation and the world wide web makes us all comfortable to interact using technology. Hence, the ease of communication demands that we make messages accessible to people of diverse backgrounds interacting on the Internet of Things.


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