Chambatronics in Brief

Chambatronics Private Limited company is an electronic and electrical engineering consultancy startup. Its mandate is to help businesses and individuals to leverage the capacity and capability of modern technologies to increase productivity and quality of life. We design, develop, implement and maintain data and power networks for homes, offices and industrial complexes. We also assist businesses with digital marketing solutions including social media marketing, web development, content development, print and digital/ graphic designs that translate ideas into real business.

We are aware of the frustrations and consequences of poor service, outages and downtime on power and data networks. Even in the home environment where entertainment and basic connectivity is key to individual leisure and family bonding, disruptions can diminish the quality of life. The cost can even be as high when health and lives are endangered by poor connections. Chambatronics exists to guarantee its clients affordable, hustle-free, reliable, safe and secure connectivity on the Internet of Things. 

Our Vision

Just Plug N Play

We envisage a satisfactory human experience in the office, workplace and at home. 

Our Mission

Finding code in all things

To design, implement and maintain electrical and electronics solutions

Our Values

Sustainable development 

Creativity, reliability, innovation, integrity and productivity.