About Us

Our existence is a response to basic human needs. That’s why you should join us. 

The Story of our life inspires our work. It is the backdrop of all our operations. We are a family, a community, a people of character and diverse talents….

In order to supplement his bus fare, stationary and other college expenses Tawanda Chamba started a photo and video shoot part time project. Adam Chamba later expanded the idea which led to the establishment of PRIVITAD (Pvt) Ltd. In 2019, the company resurfaced with an expanded vision to fully leverage the capacity and capability of the Internet of Things. The name Chambatronics, a combination of the family name and the electronics operational mode, has been in existence for 13 years. What began as a nickname in high school to highlight the strong inclination towards the field of electronic engineering proceeded to date as a suitable name for a family company.

Our Services

Data Networks

We live in an information society where almost everything is an information system. Produce, share and keep your information well and live well.

Power Networks

The driving force in the digital world is the flow of electrical energy. Maintain a good electrical network and increase your productivity and performance.

Graphic and Web Designing

What you see is what you get. At the end of the day, what happens behind the scenes is of no great value. Rather, what we experience, see, touch and hear impresses on our minds most. That’s graphics!

Tawanda Chamba
Adam Chamba
Nyasha M. Mashonganyika

Our Team

Meet The face chambatronics

Our Client Service Charter

“A promise is a credit,” at Chambatronics we pay our own, guided by our Charter..

We envision a satisfactory work and leisure home and office experience for all  our clients. 

We design, research, develop, implement and maintain electronic and electrical systems

We are consistent, reliable, efficient and innovative

1. Finding CODE in all Things: We reflect on important problems in order to offer new, more adequate solutions,

2. Plug N Play: We do all the heavy lifting that enables you to plug in your device to a network and interact with the world as you desire,

3. Internet of Everything:We connect people, processes, data and things (electronic devices) that generate value for all.